Upcoming Concerts

La magie Saturday, December 9, 2023

Salle Oscar Peterson

Eun Jung Park, Interim Artistic Director
Alice Boissinot, Assistant Conductor and Cello
Benjamin Kwong, piano
Stephanie Urquhart, piano

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Do you believe in magic?
Immerse yourself in the world of wizards, experience the spirit of Christmas and let yourself be overcome by the magic of captivating melodies.  On December 9, the songs of CEM will take you on a whirlwind journey of musical magic!

$25 adult / $15 student/child

Earth Hour Concert  Saturday, March 23 2024, 8:15 PM

Christ Church Cathedral

Eun Jung Park, Interim Artistic Director
Benjamin Kwong, piano

CEM Concert & Senior Choirs
EMSB Senior Chorale
Chœur Zephyr, Les Petits Voix du Plateau

$25 Adult  $15 Child/Student

CHANTS DES RACINES Sunday, June 9 2024

Maison Symphonique

Eun Jung Park, Interim Artistic Director
Alice Boissinot, Assistant Conductor
Benjamin Kwong, piano
Stephanie Urquhart, piano
String Quartet & Percussion

CEM’s ‘Songs of the Roots’ invites you to discover the traditional melodies of Canada and other lands.  Like a majestic tree that draws strength from its deep roots, ancestral music anchors our identity and connects people across continents. “Songs of the Roots” is a celebration of this rich and precious heritage, an invitation to explore the beauty and diversity of the world’s musical traditions.